The Willows Private Nursing Home

The Willows Private Nursing Home

The Willows Private Nursing Home

The Willows Private Nursing Home is a family-run facility that has been serving the community since 1977. With a total of 40 beds, the nursing home has built a reputable reputation among the locals, hospitals and doctors.

The nursing home underwent a major renovation in 1983 where it was extended, renovated and refurbished while still retaining the architectural charm of the original building. The nursing home has also got beautiful gardens that are perfect for morning tea, lunch, barbecues and other special occasions where residents can sit and chat with relatives and friends in a pleasant environment.

In 1997, The Willows Private Nursing Home took a step further to improve the quality of life of its residents by constructing a new wing which includes the installation of a passenger lift. This lift has made it easier for residents and their visitors to move between the two levels of the nursing home, making it more accessible. With these improvements, The Willows Private Nursing Home has become a comfortable and convenient place for seniors to call home.

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