Deadly Desert – Children’s Clothing

Deadly Desert is a company that provides bold and rebellious clothing for kids aged four to mid-teens. Their designs are edgy and unique, encouraging kids to be bold and creative with their fashion.

Most of their designs are unisex, with artwork that appeals to all walks of life. The brand was born out of a love for all things rock n’ roll and the wild west, as well as a passion for vintage and a desire to scour the globe for the coolest graphics available.

Their collection features a range of vibrant colors and striking imagery that kids love to wear. They offer t-shirts, long sleeve tees, tanks, and hoodies, all of which are top quality and printed on ethically sourced 100% cotton.


Our Work

Creative Clicks took the project from the development stage to an ongoing and constantly growing eCommerce CMS Website.

It is important to have a website that accurately represents the brand and conveys the client’s vision. With the help of Creative Clicks, Deadly Desert was able to achieve just that. The website not only showcases the brand’s clothing line but also highlights the brand’s personality and style. Customers can easily navigate through the site and purchase their favorite items with ease.

Overall, the collaboration between Deadly Desert and Creative Clicks was a success, resulting in a visually stunning and user-friendly website.