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About This Project

For over 50 years Peter Graham has been involved in the financial services industry.


Peter was an early contributor in the area of superannuation and management when he established the retirement fund manager, Spectrum Retirement Plan. This plan has since been institutionalised and is now a very large and successful administrator. Peter is a man with a voice that people listen to.


Peter has brought together his experience and knowledge to build Redefining Retirement. Passionate about his work, Peter attends on-site events and conferences in Australia and all over the world.


Working with Peter, Creative Clicks took the project from the development stage to growing CMS WordPress Website, with interactive surveys, building towards the purchase of downloadable eBooks and in the near future, complete on-line courses.

Ongoing Client work:
Branding incl. stationery, business cards, flyers & Banners
Redesign and modifications to CMS Website
Explainer videos
Regular News & Media posts
Social Media pages
Facebook Advertising
Website security, maintenance &  backups
Website regular back-ups