Nutritional Matters

Angela Emmerton is a Clinical Nutritionist, founder of Nutritional Matters, corporate speaker, writer, tea blender and Ambassador for That Sugar Film.


Angela founded Nutritional Matters as a way to help people feel energised, healthier and able to achieve their health goals with a realistic plan, tailored to their unique needs.


Having worked in high-pressure corporate roles for over 20 years, Angela knows that busy lifestyles can take a toll on your health. But good food choices can help to combat many of the ill-effects of the corporate lifestyle, as well as improve productivity.

Together with GkjE, we built Angela’s brand for the new business. We spent many meetings establishing her business ideal-client and target market based on her criteria to focus on women’s health, particularly for women 40 and beyond.


We built a modern and friendly-looking website, that is fully responsive, ensuring visitors feel welcome and fully informed about all the services offered. We integrated the website with lead generation and online booking system functionality, boosting subscriptions to her mailing list as well as increasing traffic to her blog and recipes.

Branding incl. stationery, business cards, flyers & Banners
New CMS Website
Regular News & Media posts
Email Marketing
Website security, maintenance, backups & Updates