How to Use Podcasts to Grow Interest in Your Brand

How to Use Podcasts to Grow Interest in Your Brand


So you have a brand, and you’re wondering how to promote it online?

When it comes to tools for online marketing to enhance brand interests, a podcast is probably not the first thing that pops into your mind. But despite that, they are well worth considering if you want to increase your brand’s reach.

Since everyone has access to them, podcasts have been rising in popularity throughout the world. It’s estimated that one in five Australians listen to at least one podcast a month. When you add up the numbers, you might realise podcast for marketing is a simple yet effective tool to leverage brand awareness.

If you have been wondering how to use podcasts to grow interest in your brand, here are some ways that might help:

1. Talk about Current News, Trends, and Fads

One of the primary reasons people listen to podcasts is to gain insight into new information, particularly those pertaining to the current times. Therefore, you can use podcasts to update the audience about updates and news regarding your industry or niche.

2. Make Yourself the Authority

An authority figure is anybody who has extensive knowledge about a particular subject. Therefore, if you talk about a specific subject for over half an hour, you’ll already be pegged as the expert by the authority. Leverage this fact to create awareness of your brand.

3. Turn Your Podcasts into Blog Posts or Vice Versa

You could also update your blog and website with the same content you have discussed on your podcast. This can act as a resource or information page for your podcast listeners, which they might find extremely helpful. Moreover, you could even go over or read your blog post to create it in audible form.

4. Use Podcasts to Cater To Your Current Audience

Your current audience might not be interested in reading lengthy blog posts. Hence your podcasts for marketing can also be used to cater to your existing audience and ultimately increase your reach.

5. Target Your Podcasts to a Specific Niche

Figure out what your niche and target audience are and generate your podcast content accordingly. This will not only help you receive organic traffic to your website but also attract the right clientele. You can figure out what your niche is by analyzing what social media posts or blog posts receive the most shares and what questions you receive the most.

6. Post Consistent Podcasts

In order to use podcasts for marketing, you have to be consistent with them. Otherwise, you will never increase your brand visibility. Moreover, the more you post your podcasts, the more you’ll be able to connect with the audience and build trust.

7. Have a Call to Action

Having a clear call to action at the end of your podcasts will effectively turn listeners into customers. Hence, don’t forget to sprinkle it in your podcasts and not just in your blog posts.

This covers the basics of how to use podcasts to grow interest in your brand. With these strategies, you will be able to effectively increase your brand awareness and reach as well, ultimately deriving organic traffic to your website.  Want to know more on how to make a podcast