In today’s highly competitive world, where an average user spends seven hours online per day and has an attention span of 8 seconds, designers are challenged to push the standard limits of web designing to connect by incorporating new and interactive techniques.

And when up to 75% of users form an opinion about a website based solely on its appearance, no business can afford to not keep up with the trends.

Among the top web design trends of 2023, simple navigation and more creative shapes and typographies dominate.

Here’s a compilation of the top trends in web design for 2023 that will make your website competitive!


1. An Inclusive Design

An inclusive design is one of the must-have aspects in the top web design trends of 2023. Being inclusive means considering the users’ perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences, regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity, religion, etc., when designing your website.

In its true sense, a website that an individual with a disability can access equally as their peers without a disability is inclusive. You can make your website accessible and more flexible through UX writing, incorporating audio transcripts, alt text, and captioned videos, using prominent text sizes and light and dark modes, and more.

2. 3D elements

3D is an effect that a three-dimensional object produces in the human eye and is created because it has width, height, and depth.

These 3D elements have also found their way into web design and are used not only to give greater depth through shadows and outlines but also to include movement and texture, enhancing the realistic feel of the scene.

3. Interactive and Huge Font

Large typography is the trend for 2023 and the years to come in web design; the bigger, the better. Using prominent text size and maintaining a maximum of one to two typefaces generate attention from most users visiting your website.

4.  AI-generated Colour Palette

Bright colours are back! This year, you will find a combination of bright and striking colour palettes combined with minimalism that will provide a plus for your brand.

To make your website stand out, you need a colour palette that speaks for your brand. But achieving unique colour schemes has become more challenging than ever with millions of brands. For this, artificial intelligence (AI) is at your rescue.

Gone are the days when designers used to spend days adjusting colour palettes for their websites. Today, they can get unique AI-generated colour palettes in minutes. AI tools automate the colour palette selection process in web designing and save you time which you can invest in the UI or graphic designs of your website.

Let’s the example of Canva, which has a colour palettes library where you can simply specify your preferred colour, and it will automatically generate a list of colour palettes.

5. Video Content

Video communication has become an essential factor on the web. More and more brands are using videos to present products, and services, convey messages, develop their presence on the Internet, develop their notoriety, etc.

Creating shorter, richer videos and posting them on your website and social media channels guarantee success. Considering the attention span of today’s average user, short videos created professionally attract more users and have a higher retention rate.

Like AI generators for colour palettes, you have AI systems for making videos to create short but meaningful videos. For example, the Make-A-Video feature by Meta.

6. Prioritization on Mobile Devices

The use of mobile devices versus desktop browsing has already been surpassed. This means that in 2023 sites optimized for mobile devices and responsive web design (adapted to any device) will be mandatory for any web work.
In 2023, the user experience (UX) on your website must be as fluid as possible, uninterrupted, and attractive, so you must focus on:

● The loading speed of the website.
● Taking advantage of the white space.
● SEO-friendly multimedia content.
● Creating useful, original, and innovative pages.
● Interfaces that can be operated using only voice commands.

Current web design trends focus on giving users a website that puts them first. Stay ahead of the top web design trends of 2023 and stand out from your competitors.Contact Us for a No-obligation Free Consultation