In the current digital marketing era, SEO is an extremely important factor that contributes to a company’s conversion rates. You can learn everything you want about SEO, but the smallest mistake can make your efforts go to waste.

Content marketers struggle to receive organic traffic or sustain their SEO ranking. Having to jump through hoops to find your website in Google’s search results is just tedious. Want to know what went wrong? Looking for ways to improve your website’s visibility? Here are some very common SEO mistakes that can damage your chances of being found on Google:

1)   Keyword Optimization

The smallest of things can affect the success of your company. Keywords are an extremely crucial part of Search Engine Optimization. Keywords are beneficial when it comes to improving search traffic and ranking, but if they are not used in the right manner, they can actually hamper your progress. While head keywords tend to have high search volumes, long-tail keywords tend to generate around 70% of search engine traffic. Make sure to use appropriate keywords to improve your search ranking.

2)   Duplication of Content

Duplicating content is very damaging for your business. Google is quick to catch plagiarism. If one business copies content from another, Google can’t decide which one to prioritize. The key is to come up with original and unique content. Ensure that your content marketers aren’t plagiarizing content. Also, unique content will help you stand out from the rest of the blogs and pages.

3)   Site Speed

You can have the most visually-appealing and content-loaded website in the world, but if the loading speed of your page is above 3 seconds, around 40% of the visitors will leave your page. Users are impatient— they want the fastest internet speed and prefer websites that load instantly. I recently moved my website and some of my client’s websites to Siteground after experiencing slow loading times and haven’t looked back.  They do a great job, will even migrate your website with minimal down-time, and if you do experience problems their support service is excellent.

4)   Broken or Spam Links

Make sure your users don’t come across broken or spam links when they visit your website. Damaged outbound links can lower your ranking and can ruin your chances of appearing in Google’s search results. Make sure that the outbound links you mention in your content are of high quality and belong to relevant sources. This way, your webpage might just wind up on the first page of Google.

5)   SEO mistakes for WordPress sites

Yoast recommendations

– REMEMBER to update WordPress, all the plugins and themes as they happen. Keeping plugins, themes and WordPress itself updated is one of the most important tasks you have as a site owner. Updates not only bring new features but will fix bugs and security issues.

–  BE CAREFUL how you delete content on your website. You may want to delete posts or pages that you no longer need. However, since the search engines have indexed your site, deleted content on your site will render the infamous 404 pages: page not found. So, make sure you delete pages on your site the right way. Yoast SEO Premium solves this problem.

– ALWAYS delete the default content When you first install WordPress, WordPress will create a ‘Sample Page’ and a ‘Hello World’ post for you. Make sure you delete the default sample page via the pages menu and the ‘Hello World’ post via the posts menu.

Because of the abundance of content available online, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. The use of search engines is very common as people strive to look for answers to all their questions. When presented with the opportunity, focus on creating quality content that is link-worthy. With a little hard work and smart SEO usage, you can find yourself in Google’s top searches.

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