When I embark on a new project with a client, it is the most exciting aspect of the work I do. It starts with getting involved with their business, which then becomes all encompassing, from the logo design, to the colours, graphics, photos, videos…it is magical. The client can often get quite carried away as they see the vision of their business develop, and often, they don’t mind within reason, what it will cost to create.

So the branding is complete, the website is up and running, the client is fairly knowledgeable in working on the website to update it and doesn’t feel the need to have regular maintenance checks. Why would they, surely if they are editing the site and logging in regularly. Isn’t that the same thing?


Making edits and keeping up with the blogs is great, but that isn’t maintenance. Its like someone building a beautiful home, spending months on the fixtures, fittings and interiors, then not bothering to have a decent security system in place, or get proper insurance.


For your website to be running smoothly, Are you taking regular backups of your site? Are your Plugins and Framework regularly updated? Are you checking for hackers and bots trying to gain access or compromise your site?


The alternative is that you have been very lucky so far, and the penny will eventually drop. We always hope it won’t but as I said, this is the very reason we buy home insurance.

It is quite a common occurrence to have clients calling me a few months down the line, in a panic to fix their now “offline” website but… if there’ are no backups how can it be fixed?

The first step to take is a website audit, this will show where your website is vulnerable and can be compromised. An estimate can then be put together for a maintenance plan appropriate for your business. Don’t Delay, take action before it is too late, if you have concerns please get in touch and we can have the conversation.

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WordPress maintenance and security is a topic of huge importance for every website owner. Each week, Google blacklists around 20,000 websites for malware. If you are serious about your website, then you need to take steps towards reducing your risk against hackers and malware.